Storage Units for House Furniture

Storage Units for House Furniture in December

Storage Units for House Furniture

If you have the space, storing your extra furniture in your garage, loft, basement, or spare room may work for a short amount of time. However, if you require long-term storage or have a lot of furniture to store, you may need to look into alternative possibilities-such as storage units for house furniture

If you’re renovating a home, moving, or downsizing and require storage for the medium to long term, storing furniture in a self storage unit can be appropriate. Indoor self storage spaces are perfect for furniture storage since they are secure, clean, and easily accessible.

We have knowledgeable staff available online and over the phone who can advise you on the best unit size for you based on how much you need to store.

This isn’t just to make things easy for you when it comes time to unpack your unit! If you want your furniture to stay in good condition, you must thoroughly clean it before storing it.

Any source of moisture or mould will only worsen with time, so make sure your furniture is thoroughly dry and clear of muck. Make sure any food crumbs or other dirt are removed as well – if you’re storing a sofa, for example, make sure the seats are removed and every nook is vacuumed. If you suspect that any of your wooden furniture has been infested with woodworm or other pests, have it treated before storing it, or the pests will infest your other possessions as well.

Clean hardwood furniture with warm, soapy water and (when dry) furniture wax to keep it moisturised and in good shape; clean your fabrics with upholstery cleaner (make sure they’re totally dry before storing); and polish silver or metal objects to prevent tarnish from oxidation later.

When you choose us for furniture storage, we provide state-of-the-art self-storage units with 24-hour security. You won’t be trapped into long leases or contracts, and we offer both short- and long-term storage options for all your furniture storage needs when you’re in between homes, downsizing, upscaling, relocating, or simply going through one of life’s many hardships.

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