Storage Pinetown

Storage Pinetown

Storage Pinetown

Storage Pinetown services with Prestige Movers. We have a lot of experience with practical storage solutions. We can help you with storage if you’re moving, decluttering, renovating, traveling, or need to keep the merchandise, equipment, or office furniture.

Both parties benefit from transparency, and we don’t want our potential clients to be surprised when it comes to cost. We can also provide boxes and other packaging materials so you don’t have to go dumpster hunting for cardboard at your local supermarket.

We can assist you with packing your stuff in addition to providing moving goods. We can store your belongings in a temperature-controlled facility if your move-out date differs from your move-in date.

Individuals, corporations, employers and Government Agencies can all benefit from our full-service moving and storage alternatives. Our skilled moving services are accessible locally and throughout South Africa.

Storage Services

Sometimes moving isn’t as simple as going from point A to point B, and you’ll need to consider a temporary storage solution. We provide a load and store service so that your belongings are safe during your transfer. Instead of dropping off your belongings at a third-party storage facility and reloading when you’re ready to move again, this service saves you time and money by reducing duplicate handling. This service is affordable and might help you save money on moving expenses in certain scenarios.

We provide a variety of safe storage options to meet your requirements. You can safely store your possessions without the need for lock-in contracts or commitments with our flexible short-term or long-term storage options. To take the worry out of the storage process, we offer door-to-door service as well as the option of valet packing or unpacking.

We provide versatile short-term storage solutions that are both convenient and secure. We can store your items safely in our facility and deliver them to you when you’re ready, regardless of your condition. We recognize that moving dates don’t always coincide with plans, which is why we’ve established storage solutions that don’t bind you to a contract. Instead, you can construct a storage plan that is tailored to your specific requirements.

Simply let us know when you’re ready, and we’ll deliver your items to your front door. Larger goods or sentimental items can clutter your home and put a strain on your psyche. With short-term storage, you may free up space in your house.

Long and short term storage 

Storage units

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