Pinetown Furniture Removals

Pinetown Furniture Removals

Pinetown Furniture Removals

Pinetown Furniture removals have skilled manpower for lifting and carrying. We have strong, capable crews. As part of the service, we provide ramps, dollies, and straps to help protect your things and make your move as safe and efficient as possible.

Furniture Removals and Packing

We, at Prestige Moves, don’t just move furniture. Different types of furniture require different packing techniques. How should furniture be packed?

  • Fine hardwood surfaces necessitate extra attention and protection from scuffs and blemishes. We wrap them in bubble wrap and secure them during loading to ensure that they arrive in the same condition as when they left.
  • We provide an extra layer of protection for upholstered and overstuffed furniture when transferring it. Before loading such items into the truck, we usually wrap them in plastic, or “bubble wrap.”

When you hire Prestige Moves, moving home won’t be stressful! We provide a range of high-quality removals and storage services for household moves in Pinetown.

We strive to provide you and your belongings with a smooth and quick transition into your new home as possible by using Prestige Moves. Our staff adheres to the highest level of safety standards while delivering your belongings.

Covid safety is our Priority

Pinetown furniture removals are permitted to operate, but they must adhere to the most recent government recommendations on workplace safety. Wherever moves are made, social separation is maintained. We ensure that personnel is aware of how to operate properly and that this information is communicated to customers.

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Transform your move from daunting to delightful with Prestige Moves!

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