Packaging Service

Packaging Service

The strength of Prestige Moves is its well-trained and well-equipped crew, which ensures quality at every stage of your relocation. We engage in employee training and provide our employees with in-depth knowledge of our sector. Our packaging service team has been professionally trained to apply strategies that ensure that each item to be relocated is properly packed.

Specialized Packaging Services

Other packaging and transportation companies are picky about which projects they accept. Our staff thrives in adversity and is always eager to take on the toughest challenges. If your object is enormous, heavy, irregularly shaped, sensitive, or fragile, we can design a method to get it where it needs to go quickly and safely.


  • Specialised Transporter Blankets with additional inner padding are used to cover and protect your goods in transit.
  • Patience and care is taken during the packaging process and Configuration of our Moving Vehicles to avoid any possible damage to items. Additional Specialised Pack and Wrap Service is recommended Using High-Quality Specialised Wrapping and Packaging Materials
  • The Specialized Pack and Wrap Service are recommended at least a day before the move for the Larger Volumetric Moves.
  • Professional Packing Service using specialised high-Quality Packaging Material.
  • Well Trained staff to execute Specialised Wrapping and packing services. Training for staff is always ongoing to ensure innovation and improvisation.
  • Specialised Wrapping for Appliances and Furniture.
  • Strong and durable Protective Mattress Covers are used to provide additional protection during the Moving Process.
  • High-Quality Bubble Wrap Is used to Wrap large appliances and furniture as well as smaller items like Cutlery and Glassware which are then Packed and secured into our double-walled Moving Boxes.
  • Unpacking service offered at your convenience. We will unpack your valuables according to your desired location. We will remove all unwanted packaging material for disposal accordingly.

Your assets are secured throughout their voyage thanks to our expertise in the engineering of shipping crates, as well as the appropriate cushioning and supporting procedures. We are a leader in the shipping market because of our customized containers, all-inclusive shipping solutions, logistic assistance, and client satisfaction.

Packing Service

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