Office Removal Service in Durban

Office Removal Service in Durban

Office Removal Service in Durban. Moving numerous floors of a CBD building at a reasonable hourly rate is something Prestige Moves has done many times before.

We’ve had a lot of customers tell us how much less expensive our office move was compared to other relocation businesses’ set costs.

Ultimately, it’s all about paying only for the services you utilize. “moving a short distance” is an ideal strategy for the Moving Office as well.

But there are other considerations to keep in mind while moving an office.

Whether you need a few movers to move a few things around in your workplace or a whole multi-building corporation with hundreds of employees relocated, we are a full service office removalist company.

Larger office relocation, in particular, can quickly degenerate into chaos. To ensure a stress-free office move, you and Prestige Moves must completely grasp each other’s plans and work together.

If you’re transferring to a new office, take a look at these useful tips.

The following moving advice may help you avoid any further hiccups on moving day:

  • It’s best to relocate computers, printers, copiers, and other electrical devices first.
  • If you’re utilizing a color coding system, double-check that each item is in the exact spot where it belongs.
  • Staff at the new location should be given food and beverages as a welcome gift.
  • Make sure that your electricity is working at your new workplace.
  • Check to see if there is a water supply at the new location.
  • Telephone lines must be active at all times
  • Ascertain if you have an active internet connection.
  • Make contact with your office movers and confirm that they will arrive at the scheduled time for your move.
  • The total floor space available in the new office should be calculated
  • It should be decided how you are going to layout your furniture at the new place
  • All items of furniture which need to be moved should be added to the list. If any items are not required and can be disposed of, they should be noted
  • If required, orders can be placed for any new furniture for a delivery address of the new office
  • It would be good to provide each staff member with a number and also assign the same number to their equipment and desks
  • Similarly, each department can be given a separate color code or number to eliminate confusion

To ensure a smooth transition to your new office, use the above moving checklist and moving suggestions. There will be no unexpected malfunctions if you hire knowledgeable and competent office removalist.

Office Removal Service in Durban

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