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Furniture Self Storage

Furniture Self storage is available through Prestige Moves. Prestige Moves not only provides secure storage for your belongings, but we also make storage simple by handling all of the lifting, driving, packing, and inventory.

Do you need a temporary furniture self  storage facility to store major items such as furniture while renovating, moving, or letting your home? We’ve created a service that adapts to your demands, with no long-term contracts and a very convenient service. Simply inquire about available units with our team, or use our helpful size estimator to select the correct size container for your home or office furniture.

Depending on the unit size you choose, you can store any sort of furniture with us. It’s ideal for storing everything from a few bedside tables to larger goods like refrigerators and sofas. When you’re first packing your items, be careful so they don’t get destroyed and you can quickly access any of them. If you have any questions regarding something you wish to get, just phone your local store and one of our store managers would be pleased to help.

When it comes to furniture storage, we understand that not everyone has the same needs.

For some of our customers, money is the most essential consideration, while for others, convenience is paramount. We do our best to suit both needs by offering secure, economical furniture storage in convenient location. Our goal is to provide a terrific option for short-term furniture storage, which is ideal for freshening up your dining area or bedroom. We also understand that certain restorations take time, so we provide a fantastic long-term furniture storage solution.

If you need to keep stuff for relatives, our storage can provide a temporary solution. For example, you might store your kid or daughter’s bedroom furnishings while they’re away at university!

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Our furniture self storage facilities are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing you to come and go as needed.

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