Furniture Removal Quotes

Furniture Removal Quotes in Durban

Furniture Removal Quotes

You must know how to properly dispose of old furniture and household items while moving, downsizing, or simply renovating your home. Furniture removal can be difficult, depending on its condition and your budget, as we know at Prestige Moves. Couches, beds, dressers, and other types of junk furniture are commonly discarded.

Isn’t it as simple as going online and filling out a single form to get accurate furniture removal quotes? Or maybe it’s not. It’s a little more complicated than that unless you have comprehensive information about the distance, moving date, amount of boxes, and furniture pieces to be moved. The following are some of the aspects that influence furniture removal quotes. Understanding this allows you to plan ahead, resulting in cost savings and, most importantly, more accurate furniture removal prices.

You must be precise in order to benefit from accurate removal quotes. The sizes, types, and weights of the products to be moved are needed by the companies. Of course, you can’t be expected to know the exact weight of everything. Their consultants work on a scale of one to ten. They understand the dimensions of a refrigerator, bar stool, four-seater table, coffee table, bureau, and so on. They are also aware of the weight. What they don’t realize is that your things are made to order and hence do not fit the usual size or weight. This is why it’s crucial to make a list of everything that needs to be moved first. Prestige Moves will send consultants to your home to analyze the sizes, types, numbers, and dimensions of the objects to be relocated.

The inventory is crucial because it defines the type of lifting equipment needed, the number of personnel needed, the type of truck needed, and the time it will take to load and unload.

Ease of Access to the Premises

Do you live on a farm out in the country? Will the movers have to travel up a mountain pass on a narrow gravel road to get to your house? Perhaps you live in a guarded complex with a lot of overhanging trees that make it difficult for huge cars to get in and out. Some estates have height and weight limits, which might make moving difficult. Stairs, elevators, and long carrying distances must also be factored in. The more difficult a property is to access, whether for pickup or dumping, the more labor and planning are required. This means more time will be available for collecting and offloading.  For more info about furniture removal quotes, contact us today.

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