Furniture Moving Tips for Upper Floors

Furniture Moving Tips for Upper Floors

Furniture moving tips. The difficulty of moving to a higher floor or moving belongings to another floor of a house is well known to those who have had to do so. When weight and low mobility are combined, heavy and clunky goods are the most difficult to move. In the end, you’ll be relieved to have your bed, desk or couch on the correct floor.

With these furniture moving tips, we want to make your next relocation a little easier.

Obtain Assistance

In the first place, even if you are physically fit and strong, there are some items you should not attempt to move up the stairs on your own. Two individuals are needed to carry heavy and huge items. Smaller objects like outdated television sets or huge but not horribly heavy items like bed frames may necessitate the use of two movers.

Moving up and down stairs

Dressers, couches, desks, and mattresses are likely to be the most problematic objects. Stairs are a great place to stow away a few extra pounds.

What we mean by that is as follows. Consider the case of relocating a desk. The person at the top of the stairwell will be the one to lift it out from under the desk’s top. In this case, the lower-ranking person will carry from the desk’s bottom to the floor. Due to the fact that the person higher up will have to walk up the stairs backwards, proceed with caution and gently.

This method ensures that the object is more stable by keeping the pivot point closer to its center. Keeping the desk or bookcase upright is another benefit.

How to Move a Dolly with Straps

Using a dolly or hand truck to move large goods is essential, especially if you need to move them up a flight of steps. Flat hook strap tie-downs can be used to attach the item on your hand truck after you have placed it on the cart.

Pull the dolly up the steps by rolling the hand truck backward to the first step, leaning the dolly toward you, and putting your weight on it. The hand truck will be moved up one stair at a time as you back up. You’ll need someone to keep an eye out for you while you make your way up the stairs. Lift with your legs, keeping your back straight. In general, this method works well for heavy goods of all sizes, but if the item is very cumbersome, it may be preferable to carry it with a companion.


That hefty piece of furniture or appliance may still be difficult to move once it’s up on the second floor.

To make things a little bit simpler, you may slide it. On a carpeted floor, this works best, but it can also be used on a wood floor. Once the piece of furniture is on the moving blanket, gently lower it onto the blanket. In order to get through a door with a couch, you should put it on its side. To get it to its final location, you can slide it a little bit.

In and out of doorways with large sofas

When it comes to getting a couch through the door, it’s better to stand it on its side, rather than maintaining it upright. You may not even be able to get your couch through a door if you maintain it horizontal because of how long most couches are. Because of this, it’s quite straightforward to spin the couch around and round the doorway while it’s vertically oriented.

How will you get the couch in and out of the door if it is too high? Assuming this is the case, move it a few feet from the door and tip it in top-first. Even if you have a helper, this shouldn’t be too difficult. The couch can be practically stood on end from the top after the top is through, allowing you to move it completely into the next room.

Put it horizontally again and move it into place once you’ve arrived at your final destination, such as your living room or bedroom.

Rearrange your furniture in a symmetrical fashion

Recliner chairs and desk chairs can be particularly challenging to maneuver through narrow doorways. As soon as you get it to the doorway of your house, you’ll notice that it’s a lot wider than you expected and would not fit through.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem. Adjust the chair’s position by swiveling it to the side. To transfer the base, pivot the top portion so that it is facing the new room, and then turn it so that it is face through the door. Using this method, the chair can be anchored to the floor.

Mattress Slings

Mattresses are inconvenient to say the least. There is a tendency to bend one way or the other as you carry them due to their weight, mass, and strange shape. The mattress cannot be carried in any way, shape, or form using the holders on the sides. When it’s on top of your box spring, you may use those to help you lift it into place.

Here comes the mattress sling. Makes it easy to remain upright while holding onto the mattress’s top piece to keep it from tipping while the sling holds onto the bottom section as you walk. As a result, transporting it to your bedroom will be a lot less of a hassle. That is about all of the furniture moving tips we have. For more information about furniture moving tips and services, contact Prestige Moves today.

Have a wonderful, and safe, moving experience!

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