Antique furniture movers

Antique Furniture Movers in Durban

Antique Furniture Movers

Antique furniture movers in Durban. Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about your possessions getting damaged or lost in the process. Specialists are needed for the removal of fine art and antiques.

Is that delicate piece of art or antique furniture going to make it through the move? Prestige Moves has very particular methods for moving and storing antiques, including special packaging and loading equipment.

Cardboard, various kinds of bubble wrap, loose polystyrene, and wooden crates are some of the items we employ to ensure the safe transfer of antique furniture and artwork. China and glass are wrapped in paper before being placed in cardboard boxes for shipping.

In addition to bubble wrap and cardboard, the edges and corners of glass panes or mirrors must be protected, as they are the most susceptible to damage. Corners and edges can be padded with a foam material, but layers of tape or more cardboard can also be used.

Wrapping antique furniture with plastic sheets for safe storage is a bad idea since it can retain moisture and cause mould growth and damage over time.

All of the supplies we need are readily available, but antique furniture is particularly fragile and frequently irreplaceable, so it is best to leave the packing and loading to a professional who is familiar with the ins and outs of moving delicate objects.

Prestige Moves is an expert in the antique and fine art removal business and specializes in both private residences and auction houses, where expensive antiques are stored for long periods of time before being delivered to the showroom. In the event that you decide to pack your antiques yourself, make sure that the boxes are clearly labeled and that specific instruction are followed when it comes to wrapping furniture.

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