Affordable Movers and Storage in Durban

Are you searching affordable movers and storage in Durban? Every relocation is unique, and we recognise that. This is why we send a consultant to your home before the big day so they can get a feel for how much stuff needs to be moved, what kinds of furniture will be involved, and if there are any other particulars of your situation that need to be taken into account.
One of our relocation consultants will talk to you about the many services we provide. Do you want us to pack the boxes for you, or would you rather do it yourself? Let us transport everything, or just the big stuff? In search of one room removals? Consider switching to shared load.

Shared Load Removal Services in Durban

When talking about shipping, the term “shared load” is used to describe deliveries of commodities that range in size and shape and are therefore difficult to classify. A shared load removal, as opposed to a full home removal, may just involve one specific room. Let Prestige Moves handle the logistics of your small relocation or shared load delivery, and you won’t have to worry about the time or money it would take to coordinate transportation yourself.

Furniture Storage Facilities in Durban

Want a place to keep a lot of stuff or some really big furniture? We believe our local Storage solution will best suit your needs.

Whatever you desire, or as little as you need, can be stored. When we discuss the specifics of your relocation, please let us know. This will be added to your booking.

On moving day or at a later date of your choosing, we can come and take any boxes, furniture, or other goods away to be stored for as long as you need.

Contact us to schedule a delivery time when you’re ready to get your belongings again. We will have it sent to your location – Prestige Moves (affordable movers and storage in Durban company)

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