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Prestige Moves affordable home movers provide the most trustworthy, effective, and on-time service. Moving homes and businesses is what we do best, so we’ve assembled a team of experts with years of experience in the industry.

Located in Durban, Prestige Moves helps people relocate their residences at a reasonable cost all throughout the country.

Prestige Moves offers a variety of packing options for “Office Movers” and “House Removals,” starting with boxes, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, and tape. Any additional packaging services you require can be provided at no additional charge.

Tools for disassembling and putting things back together are available from Prestige Moves. In addition, blankets are always used to protect fragile products from damage during transport.
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Our pleasant moving crew will show up on the day of your move prepared and briefed.

Your valuables will be well-protected by the specialized truck, which will be outfitted with all the essential equipment.

Delivered goods will be positioned exactly where they were requested and disassembled furniture will be reassembled, export packaging will be removed, and boxes and other packaging will be unloaded at the delivery address.

Team of Professionals

Our moving personnel will be properly briefed on the details of your relocation. The crew will be aware of the times, schedules, packing materials, and any specific requirements you may have, and they will arrive at your home with everything they need to pack and move your possessions as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Moving into a new home is a significant and potentially exciting milestone in your life. Prestige Moves will go above and beyond to ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible, including providing additional packing and storage services as well as advise when necessary. We hope that this list of Moving Tips that we have produced will be of assistance to you as you prepare for your relocation.

You will need to plan many aspects of your move ahead of time so make sure you do your research and plan well in advance. Make a list of all of the things you need to get done. Prepare lots of packing materials and make a list of the furniture and other goods that you intend to relocate, as well as the objects that you must leave behind. If you have small children or pets, for example, you will need to arrange for their care as well as your own. With the help of Prestige Moves affordable home movers, you can keep track of everything that needs to be completed.

Moving boxes – Even if you have already purchased your new house, it is necessary to purchase moving boxes and other packing materials in order to begin the moving process. When you contact us, you can select from a wide choice of high-quality boxes and other packaging options. Alternatively, you may choose to obtain moving boxes from local businesses in your area, such as convenience stores.

Communicating with your moving business – It is critical that you select a moving company that is eager to assist you whenever you require advice and with whom you can interact effectively on a regular basis. As soon as possible, set a date for your relocation, do not hesitate to consult with your moving company about everything you may need to know, and confirm the removal again a few days before the actual moving day to avoid any misunderstandings. Prestige Moves is committed to providing our customers with the assistance and information they require, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Removal van access – Consider how the removal van will gain access to both your present and future homes, inform your neighbors that the van will be parked outside your home, and obtain any appropriate permits.

Make a list of the items you will absolutely be bringing with you — Having an inventory handy will be essential when you are unpacking, and it will be required at customs if you are relocating abroad. Items you are leaving behind should not be discarded carelessly. Ask your relatives and friends if they want anything, donate the items to charities, or hold a garage sale to clear out your belongings.

Consider your future residence – Make a map of your new home to help you get oriented. If your new home is significantly smaller than your existing one, for example, you will almost certainly have to leave some belongings behind. Moving into your new home will be a lot easier if you begin packing in the manner in which you want to unpack at your new home.

Preparing for your move – You have two options: either hire a professional packing service from your removal company, which is highly advised for international moves or for those who have a large number of fragile and precious things, or pack your own belongings. In the event that you will be packing your own belongings, you should begin packing several weeks before the moving day and go through everything in a systematic manner.

Moving boxes should be neatly labeled, and only the most important goods should be packed in the last few days. Make sure not to place too many or too few items in a single box.

Prepare in advance by notifying utility agencies such as gas, electric, and water companies. Because you are moving, you will need to contact these organizations, as well as financial institutions, acquaintances, and family, to ensure that your mail is delivered to your new location. Notify your job, and if you have children, you will need to take care of transferring them to a new school as well as notifying them of the change.

Personal documents, jewelry, and money should not be packed — You might require these goods during the removal process or while they are being stored. Items that you will need immediately after moving in should not be packed, and you should always keep track of where you are putting them.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly with the removal service on moving day, it is essential that you are there on the day of the move itself.

Check your previous residence one more time to ensure that you have not forgotten anything. In addition, cut off the gas and electricity, and shut all of the windows.

If you are looking for affordable home movers that refuse to lower their quality, look no further! Contact Prestige Moves today.

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