Affordable Home Movers in Durban

Affordable Home Movers in Durban

Looking for affordable home movers in Durban? At Prestige Moves, we specialise in stress-free Durban relocations. When doing business in South Africa, it’s critical to surround yourself with professionals who understand the importance of careful planning, clear communication, and well-oiled practices.

We can move your entire house, a few boxes, or just a few of your most priceless possessions. Our packing procedures and high-quality packing materials are customized to your individual items.

We Never Miss a Thing!

No matter how far you’re moving, it’s still moving your whole home and life. Attention to detail is not something we skimp on when we move to a new place or move a few blocks.

Piano Moving Services

It takes a lot of training, professional help, and the right tools to move a piano safely, especially in Durban. It doesn’t matter how big or heavy a piano is; it’s still a fragile instrument that needs to be taken care of both inside and out.

We know that pianos can be a big deal to people since they can be heirlooms that have been passed down through the generations, vintage treasures that people love, and professional tools for performers and teachers. People that move instruments like this should be trusted to do a fantastic job.

Careful, caring people who know what they’re doing are what you want in moving service providers. It takes a lot of care and experience to keep your piano’s lid, 88 keys, pedals, and legs in place and move them safely. It’s part of the process our Company will go over with you when you get a piano quote.

For a free quote, talk to our Customer Service Team. They will give you a rate based on the piano type, weight, transportation distance, the age of the instrument, and the difficulty of delivery, such as down stairways.






Afraid of overpaying for unsatisfactory relocation services? We’d love to speak with you about your upcoming move, so please give us a call right now.

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